Webmail Changelog

Oct 08: Software upgrade

Oct 2008 - Software upgraded, security fix:

  • Cookies are now sent with the secure attribute set for HTTPS-connections.


  • The weather plugin was disabled for security reasons.

Sep 08: Software upgrade

Sep 2008 - Software upgraded and some added features:

  • Updated login page.
  • Login access box updated and provides additional details about your login activity.
  • Users can now check their quota usage in more detail.
  • Empty folders (formerly Delete all/Purge all) now user configurable option.
  • Updated image buttons/icons and fixed favicon in URI.


  • Login access box code upgraded to handle various bug reports we received.
  • Converted certain images from .ico to .gif format since some browsers (e.g., Opera) had trouble displaying them.
  • RSS feed to this changelog from login page.

Jul 08: Software upgrade

July 2008 - Software upgraded, multiple security updates/fixes and some new features:

  • Login access box; capture client IP/Hostname (and country location) of last login and current login.
  • Campus information box; display important campus information when the need arises.
  • Added Delete all/Purge all messages button (and (Purge) link next to A-D-S folder).
  • Long folder names are (shortened) using ellipses.
  • Easy link to contact Rutgers Help Desk.
  • Verify "Reply To" and "E-mail Address" fields under Personal Information are valid email addresses.
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