Hill Center Co-Location Questionnaire

A form to gather information from prospective Co-Lo clients.

Requester Information

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we are assuming that your installation will be more-or-less permanent, so we haven't included an end date.

Hardware Information 1

Please refer to the product data sheet for this information.


(120v, 220v, auto-switching)


Height in IEC units & depth in inches

If this device is greater than 3 years old, please provide your plans for hardware refresh in the "Additional Comments" field below.

Network activation and connectivity is provided at an additional cost through the RU Telecommunications Division.
Phone: (848) 445-7541 option 1
Email: noc@rutgers.edu

System Administrator (primary)

List the individual who will have physical access to the co-location area and locked enclosure.

Do you plan on adding similar hardware or peripheral devices to this installation during the requested occupancy period?
If so, please provide a description of your future hardware installation, including hardware specifications, quantity and expected installation dates:

Please use this area to address any additional questions, comments or concerns.