Nagio Monitoring

Nagios Monitoring:

Nagios is a highly available, distributed service that provides monitoring of critical machines and services, and notifies operators and/or specific contacts associated with certain hosts/services of any performance issue or degradation. Nagios provides monitoring of machines and infrastructure for groups and departments at Rutgers University. Nagios is a Class 1 service.

Services Provided:

The Office of Information Technology’s (OIT) is committed to provide the following services:

*Monitoring of critical machines and infrastructure

*Notification of performance issues or degradations via email or operator contact


$50 for 5 remote checks (ie ping, https, http, MySQL, etc.) in increments of 5

$60 for 5 local checks (ie disk space usage, cpu usage, etc.) in increments of 5 – not available for external customers

$5 annual maintenance fee

For More Information:

For additional information, please contact