Rutgers Mailman Archive Search

Quick Notes:

We implemented Swish-e (Simple Web Indexing System for Humans - Enhanced) software with our Mailman installation to provide customers with searchable archives.

If you administer lists and are not sure what the archive settings are for them, after logging into the admin interface click the link Archiving Options.

If you are a member of a list and are not sure whether or not the list has archives, go to the listinfo page (e.g., and look for a link to the archives.

We simplified the search engine capabilities of the Mailman archives. The important techniques to understand when searching the Mailman archives are the following:

  • Wildcards
  • Two different wildcard characters are available, each evoking different behaviour.

    1. The * means "match zero or more characters".
    2. The ? means "match exactly one character".
    3. Note: The wildcard * may only be used at the end of a word and the wildcard ? cannot be used as the first character of a word.

  • Phrase Searching
  • To search for a phrase in a document, use double-quotes to delimit your search terms -- for example, "search phrase".

  • Boolean Operators
  • You can use the Boolean operators "and", "or", "near" or "not" in searching.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

How often do new posts get indexed so that they may be searchable?

Every midnight, an update is run for every list that has archives enabled. The update takes several hours to complete.

Note: Because of this, posts that have been made since midnight will NOT show up using the search engine.

Are attachments searched?

Yes, the following attachment types can be searched:
html, txt, pdf, rtf, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx

Where can one find out more information about the SWISH-E search software?