Mailman Changelog

Nov 09: Mailman software upgrade

Nov 2009 - Mailman software upgraded, multiple security updates/fixes and some new features of interest.


  • List administrators can no longer change the user's option/subscription globally.
  • List administrators can no longer change a member's password from the member's options page.

New Features:

  • Automatic discards of held messages. List owners can now set how many days to hold the messages in the moderator request queue (Default set to 60 days).
  • List owners can now use Scrubber to get the attachments scrubbed (held in the web archive).
  • List owners can now customize the non-member rejection notice from admin/$listname$/privacy/sender page.
  • Added the ability to put a list name in accept_these_nonmembers to accept posts from members of that list.
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