RUMail is a premium, highly available, redundant, centralized, fee-based service that provides integrated email, calendaring/scheduling, address book, and documents services for faculty and staff at Rutgers University. The service supports multiple desktop operating systems and clients, as well as synchronization with mobile devices. RUMail is a Class 1 service. Effective and successful support for individual users of RUMail requires the cooperation of and ongoing communication between Central Systems and Services – New Brunswick (CSS-NB) and the campus Help Desks (Camden, Newark, and New Brunswick Computing Services).

Services Provided:

We provide the following services to the user community:

*Address Book
*Document storage
*Mobile device support
*Documentation of use of RUMail, including integrated help
*Customer support for use of RUMail for users in non-delegated domains


$30 ($24 license + $6 service fee) - Year 1
$10 ($4 maintenance + $6 service fee) - Years 2+
$2.46/GB annually - Extra quota

For additional information, please contact us at